Molecular Biology Toolkit (MBT)


MBT has moved...

The MBT and the associated viewers: Simple Viewer, Protein Workshop, Ligand Explorer, and Kiosk Viewer are available from the BioJava SVN developer repository.

Please see the CVS-to-SVN Migration guide for details in the section for downloading and updating code via Developer SVN.

The MBT and associated viewer source code are in the RCSB Viewers project trunk. The jar files for the MTB and viewers are in the RCSB Viewer Jars subfolder.

More information is available on-line about the refactored RCSB Viewers viewers.

About MBT

The Molecular Biology Toolkit (MBT) is a Java-based protein visualization and analysis toolkit. The toolkit provides classes for efficiently loading, managing and manipulating protein structure and sequence data. The MBT also provides a rich set of graphical 3D and 2D visualization components which can be easily "plugged together" to produce applications having sophisticated graphical user interfaces. Yet, with all of the GUI components provided in the toolkit, the core data i/o and manipulation classes may be used to write completely non-graphical applications (say, for implementing pure analysis codes, or, for producing a non-graphical "back end" for web-based applications).

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If you need to communicate with the authors of MBT, please contact the project PI Phil Bourne.